Backlog Accounts Updation & Book Keeping

Sometimes the companies might not maintain proper Books of Account and reports in the same year the business transactions were happened. It happens mainly for start-ups in the SMEs (Smaller & Medium Enterprises). As per the regulations of the Commercial Company Law in the UAE, it is mandatory to maintain proper books of account. Hence, after one or two years such SMEs understand the necessity to maintain proper books of account and look for accounting firms to prepare books of account.

We support and assist the clients to prepare the books of account from the date of incorporation of the company till date. However, proper supporting documents are necessary for us to prepare the books of account. Hence it is important for us to get the original supporting documents of the transactions including sales invoices, purchase invoices, payment vouchers, receipt vouchers, petty cash expenses, bank statements, cheque counter foils, bank transfer copies, etc. Our representative will visit the company’s office location or bring the documents to our office and update transactions in a suitable accounting software. We finalize the books of account on periodic basis, normally on annual basis. The reports generated includes:

  • Balance sheet (statement of financial position),
  • Profit and loss account (statement of comprehensive income),
  • cash flow statements,
  • receivables ageing list,
  • payables ageing list,
  • comparative report on sales performance,
  • comparative report on expenses,

We offer a full range of Accounting services to support your own in-house accountant, bookkeeper or computer accounting system. If you do not have these resources, we can outsource accounting professionals who can properly compile the transactions under proper heads-of-accounts(titles). Then bifurcated into expenses,income , assets and liabilities which will lead to preparation of Profit&Loss Account, Balance Sheet.

We understand that all organizations may not have the resources to maintain an accounting department.

Our staff are proficient with various accounting softwares.we streamline your accounting and administrative systems in a professional manner as below options

  • Client can outsource entire accounting and Book Keeping services to our office.
  • Entire Accounting or Just Accounting Supervison by us at your office.We provide part time and periodic accounting and accounting supervision services by qualified and professional accountants

From start-ups to established enterprise, business growth and expansion are carried upon accurate and insightful financial information. While making a business and financial decision everyone needs financial information on which they can count upon and trust.

We help business to concentrate on their core competency by providing services in the required non-core functions in finance and accounting, including payroll, cost effectively and efficiently.

We evaluate the accounting needs of new and existing businesses and offer complete solutions for efficient and effective operations of accounting and finance functions. We maximize the resources of the business and render services continuously or periodically which will give the management adequate management information and control. It includes

  • Financial accounting system design & implementation
  • Setting up of accounting procedures
  • Accounts updation on periodical basis
  • Bank Statements Reconciliations
  • Suppliers & Customers Payments/Ledger Reconciliation
  • Intercompany Reconciliations:
  • Supervision and review of financial accounting records
  • Preparation of management reports – Income statement, Balance sheet etc. Call in to discuss your small business bookkeeping and accounting needs, or business tax preparation requirement

While you focus on your business, we concentrate on keeping your books up-to-date, letting you concentrate on what you are best at. Wondering how you can manage your books better? Head towards us and leave your business growing in consistent, timely and concise manner.

We aim to promote efficiency, quality and effectiveness in the bookkeeping services we offer. We can perform your auditing and financial analysis with a minimum fuss and maximum efficiency and accuracy. We can identify the strengths and weaknesses in the finances of your business, helping show the way to future success and profitability. But more than that, you'll have a business partner who can help you manage risk and improve your operations.